This week in Upper Elementary, we continued our Chemistry Unit. Ms. Amelia taught us all about the atom. We learned that atoms make up elements! For some of us (myself included), the atom was very different than anything we thought might have made up an element, before. All in all, it was a great learning experience!

In other ‘news’, the Glen Montessori School’s annual kickball game is today! Unfortunately, Spilled Coffee is unable to serve any lemonade or italian sodas. However, if you (a parent or family member) would like a cup of hot coffee or iced coffee, we can certainly run inside and grab you some! This roughly explains how today’s potluck will work:

Kindergarten and Elementary will eat their pizza and/or lunch in the cafeteria like normal. Afterwards, we will go outside to the field or, the gym if it is raining. There will be desserts (it is a dessert potluck). If you generously chose to bring a dessert, THANK YOU!

The 6th years have been especially busy this week. We have been working on our Graduation Speeches! Though we are not entirely sure of our structure (or thesis) yet, they will be great! If you attend the Glen’s graduation, make sure to bring some tissues!

Last but not least, Upper Elementary has started reading a book called ‘King George – what was his problem?’ by Steve Sheinkin. The class as a whole will be reading King George – what was his problem, but, Ms. Amelia has given all of the reading groups a book that takes place around the time of the American Revolution or about someone who played a role in the Revolution. When asked about what he learned, Alek replied “George Washington was the first president. And he captured the British”!