Many of our students here at The Glen sign up for private music lessons with me. We meet one on one, once a week for 30 minutes. Most of my students practice guitar or piano, though most instruments are available for study. Though many students study with me, many students have private teachers outside of The Glen as well. Starting at the Elementary age, I invite students that have musical skills to sign up for in-class performances. This is an opportunity for their classmates to see the hard work that goes in to learning an instrument. It helps inspire each other, as we see what our friends are capable of. Recently, the in-class performances have been very excellent, so I felt compelled to share some snaps of some recent performances. Typically, children at The Glen don’t study violin with me. These 3 girls all take private violin lessons outside of school. Students of mine, and students of other teachers all sign up to share their accomplishments. These small performances also serve as a way to practice concert etiquette. We practice what it means to be a good audience member, and how important it is to be respectful of other people’s hard work. img_9437 img_9506 img_9512 See you next week! – Mr. Nick