This week, we finished up work on the Clock of Eons, which tells the story of the history of the Earth through the Hadean, Archean, Proterozoic and Phanerozoic Eons. Now we are looking at the Phanerozoic Eon in more detail in our Time Line of Life. The Time Line of Life begins with the Cambrian Explosion and, over four huge panels, takes us to the present day. It is a really cool work and simply beautiful. We will be studying it in more detail over the coming weeks.
NO SCHOOL on Monday.
Thanks to everyone who joined us last night for Parent Ed & Pizza! We had a great showing of Elementary and Kindergarten parents who gamely sat through Ms. Susy rambling on about Cosmic Education, and then a Q & A session about our Elementary program. Many thanks to Fawn Mullinary, Leslie and Ray Pader, Kristi Kenyon, Amilliyon Alsippi and Lucy Moran for being part of our panel.
Field Trip this Thursday! This Thursday, October 12, the Elementary department will be going to Fern Hollow in Sewickley. Permission slips came home with your children yesterday. Please return them on Tuesday! If you would like to chaperone, please indicate that on the slip. Also, this is an outside trip; please make sure that your child wears appropriate clothes, shoes and outwear for the weather. Thank you!
Changes in the P.E. department – Thursday was Ms. Lyndsay’s last day. She recently received her Master’s degree in health and wellness education, and is moving to a her dream job in which she will be teaching health and wellness to high school students. We will miss her very much, but we are looking forward to getting to know our new P.E. teacher, Mr. Jeremy! We will tell you all about Mr. Jeremy in upcoming weeks.
Free Montessori parenting workshop next Saturday, October 14! Join other local Montessori parents for “Bringing Montessori Into the Home” on Saturday, October 14th from 12:30 – 2:00 at the Montessori Children’s Community in Sewickley. Former Glen teacher Angela Chang, author of the MOMtessori Life blog, will be discussing ways to support your child’s Montessori learning at home, from babies and toddlers through Upper Elementary students.