The science area in Room 203 is always changing! There are four main areas of science that we touch on each year. Plant science, physical science, animal science, and earth science. Each month the science area is changed based on the Children’s House theme. Here are the themes for the different months:

September-Earth science/animal science-oceans/ocean life (also beginning science themes such as living/nonliving, plant/animal)

October- Plant science- leaves, trees, apples, pumpkins

November- Earth Science-space, solar system, layers of the earth

December-Earth Science-geology and space continued

January- Animal Science- Mammals

February-Animal Science-Human Body

March-Animal Science-Birds

April- Animal Science-reptiles and amphibians

May-Animal Science/Plant Science-Insects and Flowers

Physical science works are always out and available in the Children’s House classroom. These works include concepts such as magnetism, magnification, sink/float, color mixing, rough/smooth, surface tension, solid, liquid, gas, etc. We also do science experiments throughout the school year!

The science area is an exciting place! Be sure to ask your child what we are learning about in science this month!

Check out pictures of the children working in the science area of the classroom.