The pictures highlighted this week show a typical Wednesday in the classroom – Cooking Day! The recipe that we make on Wednesday becomes our Thursday snack (this week it was applesauce). The children love being part of the action and they are more likely to try new snacks when they had a hand in preparing them! If you would like to be a “guest chef” on Wednesdays, just let us know!

There are other ways to be involved in helping the classroom too. On Tuesdays we invite “guest readers” to come into the classroom to read to small groups 9-10am. You also may also be asked to be a “guest listener” on that day so our Kindergarten students can practice reading to you.

Having a hard time taking time off work but would still like to be involved? No problem! You can be a “homework helper” or “laundry helper” on Fridays. Homework helpers usually have the task to cut out work new works or laminated works and laundry helpers take the laundry home on Friday (towels, rugs, etc.) and promise to have everything back first thing Monday morning.

The last way to help the classroom is by becoming a snack provider to our lizards. They eat fresh mealworms (purchased at the pet store about every two weeks) and it can be tricky for us to go out to buy them during the school day. If you are willing to stop by the pet store for mealworms or crickets just let us know and we’ll add you to a future snack calendar.

We are always grateful for extra helpful hands and all you need to do is e-mail us with what you would like to do and which date you are available (Tuesday = Guest reader, Wednesday = Guest Chef, Friday = Homework Helper or Laundry Helper, Designated Day on Snack Calendar = Mealworm provider. Thank you in advance for all your help!  Click here for Pics!