Well folks, here we are in mid-November and every friend in the school is deep in Winter Celebration music! Year after year, though the Winter Celebrations are only for the Children’s House classrooms, I feel so overjoyed with the song preparation and the spirit it gets our friends in, that I feel obligated to share it with our Elementary and 0-3 rooms as well.

If you’re a Children’s House parent that is returning to The Glen this year, be prepared to hear a few old standards, and well as three new favorites from your kids. If you’re new to The Glen this year, get ready for you and your child to have 5 new classics as part of your winter time fun.

As always, be sure to ask your children to sing some songs for you, ask them about all the hard work they’re doing in music class to learn these new songs in preparation for their celebrations. You may just be surprised by what they have to show!

-Mr. Nick