Greetings families of Room 201!
The children were very excited for Friday’s Snow Ball – hope that everyone had a wonderful time! Many parents helped to make our school beautiful for this special night. Thank you for all your hard work!
This week in our cultural studies, we learned about the kingdom Protoctista, or protists. Protoctista is strange because it is kind of a catch-all category; protists are similar to other plants, animals and fungi, but they cannot be classified as any of those because they have much simpler structures. Many seaweeds are protists, including the red algae that is turned into the roasted seaweed snacks that some children enjoy in their lunches. For our second installment of Eating Through the Kingdoms, we will be sampling roasted seaweed and rice, as it is eaten in Korea, as well as seaweed-wrapped rice crackers. Yum!
The weather outside is . . . weird. The temperature has been fluctuating wildly recently. Please make sure that your child is prepared for possible chilliness at lunchtime with a jacket or sweater. Children may leave an extra sweatshirt in their locker.