We are so very fortunate to have such wonderful Special-Area teachers at The Glen. Our Specials Day is Monday when we go to all three classes – music, physical education, and art. As you view this week’s pictures think about the hard work and dedication from the following incredible teachers!

Music 8:30-9:30 – Mr. Nick leads the children in songs while focusing on rhythm, melody, and movement. Mr. Nick also plans our school performances and helps children with voice and performance skills to prepare for the Winter Celebration, Generations day, and the Graduation/Promotion Ceremony. We encourage parents to be on time for Music class because this is the time that children learn lyrics for performances and no child wants to miss a single second of music class! Mr. Nick is a wonderful teacher who guides children in listening and interpreting music skills, both in classroom groups and individual lessons. The children just love music with Mr. Nick!

Physical Education 9:30-10:30 – Mr. Jeremy recently joined The Glen (replacing Miss Lindsey) to teach the children Physical Education. Specific movements such as manipulative and locomotor skills are practiced through games and exercises. Mr. Jeremy focuses on team-building, cooperation, and following directions for a common goal while also keeping a close eye on the children for safety – talk about multi-tasking! The children love moving their bodies during gym class – which uses a lot of energy, so we always provide a snack and drink between gym class and the next special – art!

Miss Jen teaches the elements of Art, Art history, and helps children practice the fine motor skills needed for different art projects. She focuses on an Artist of the week and demonstrates how that artist uses different techniques and mediums to create art works. The great thing about Miss Jen is how she has incorporated Montessori concepts into her art room (as evidenced by how she arranges materials on low shelves) and demonstrates excellent behavior management practices to have a safe and fun art environment (one must have scissor-safety when twenty kiddos are all using scissors at the same time!). Every child feels successful in Art class with Miss Jen!

When your child enters into the Kindergarten year, specials become a daily event. They ┬áhave their home-group specials (on Monday with all of 207) and they also have afternoon specials every day with the Kindergartners from other classrooms. They have Kindergarten Art, Music and Gym plus Spanish. On Fridays, all of the Children’s House Kindergartners get together during Community to talk about being role models, plan service projects, host guest speakers, and eventually focus on becoming authors and illustrators for the Young Author’s Tea (a Spring event).

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