The rapidly decreasing temperature outside has brought many questions from our school community. We are happy to shed light on our policies and procedures. When a decision has been made to delay or close it has been made very carefully with the needs of all of The Glen’s community in mind. We understand the balance we must consider between keeping our community safe and honoring the commitment we have made to families to educate and care for their children, often while they are at work. We do take all of this to heart when making choices regarding closings and delays.


Are there temperature limits that determine whether or not children will play outside?

Yes.  If the temperature outside (with the wind chill) is less than 25 degrees Fahrenheit then we will not play outside. This is a DHS regulation and Keystone STARS guideline.

Does The Glen follow any other schools or school districts when determining whether to delay or close school for the day?

The Glen does not follow any other school’s delay or closing schedule or policy.

The Glen is unique in that we do not have any students who walk to school, the majority of our students are transported by their parents and our hours of operation are longer than many other schools. Our biggest consideration when choosing to close or delay school is whether or not our students and our staff will be able to travel to and from school safely and whether our building and grounds will be ready to receive our students and staff. Unsafe road conditions are usually the reason for a delay school or closing.  In the case of extreme cold or heat we rely on the recommendations of experts in our community. Those experts include pediatricians, facility experts and our own staff.

We also closely monitor the weather and communicate with leaders from surrounding school districts, in which many of our families live. We carefully consider the road conditions directly around the school, as well as the condition of the parking lot and the building.

When is the Decision Made to close?

If The Glen is delayed or closed for the day the decision is made by 5:45am. If it is possible to make a determination regarding closing or delaying sooner we will attempt to make the call earlier and provide families more time to make alternative plans.

How will families be informed about delays and closings?

Several systems are set in motion to alert families and staff. WPXI and KDKA are both alerted. The One Call Now system is activated to call families and staff. The website and social media are updated and the faculty teams are notified.

Why does The Glen use a 10:00am start rather than a two hour delay?

The Glen is open for more hours in a day than most schools, which use a 2 hour delay. For this reason students at The Glen have varied schedules. Designating a 10:00am start provides a consistent time and eliminates confusion for families and faculty.

What time does carline begin and end when the school has a 10:00am start?

Carline on 10:00am start days begins promptly at 10:00 and ends at 10:15.

When a 10:00am start is called does it change lunch, nap or pick up times?

The short answer is no. On a 10:00am start day the students and staff pick up in the middle of their morning work cycle and carry on for the remainder of the day as if there has been no change. Modifying meal, nap or pick up times would be too disruptive for the children.

If my child is a bus rider how does a delay or closing affect them?

Transportation via bus is coordinated with the school district of residence. Those districts determine whether or not bussing is available for the day and whether or not pick up times will be delayed. Please use the closing and delay information from your school district.

The Glen does not penalize students for tardiness or absences due to bussing issues.

At The Glen, we understand that each family must make the choice whether or not to bring their child to school when the road conditions or extreme temperatures, based on their best judgement. Students are not penalized for snow or extreme temperature absences.

A Word About Winter Coats and Car Seats

A final consideration as the temperature drops is the safety of children in car seats. Please remember that puffy coats should not be worn underneath a car seat harness.  The filling in the child’s winter coat can leave the harness too loose rendering it ineffective in a crash.

Here are the steps to check your child’s harness fit in a puffy coat:

  1. Securely harness your child with the coat on. Make sure to tighten the harness until you can no longer pinch the webbing between two fingers.
  2. Without loosening the harness at all, unhook it and remove your child from the car seat. Have your child take the coat off and put the child back in the car seat and secure the harness without tightening the straps. If you can pinch any of the webbing of the harness between two fingers the coat is too puffy to be worn under a car seat harness.

If your child’s coat is too puffy what can you do instead?

With smaller children you can use blankets to keep children warm in the car. An option for older children is to turn the coat around and have the child put it on backwards with her arms in the sleeves so that the back of the coat serves as a blanket resting over the harness.