First off, let me just say a huge thank you to everyone involved in Generations Day. Year over year, this program grows into something bigger and better than the year before. I’m truly amazed at the love and support our community has for the music program here at The Glen. As a music teacher, it is a dream scenario to have such passionate and caring faculty, students, and families. Thank you.

Each year, once we cross the threshold of Generations Day in early march, the end of the school year quickly approaches. At this time of year, we like to dive back into our music theory lessons in the older age groups, and start fresh with brand new music for our younger classes. Spring is a time to dig out songs about flowers, the weather, trees, and gardens. We do a lot of movement play and cross curricular science themes in all classes. The truly amazing thing is that this period of freedom, play, and learning leads us straight into graduation performance preparations! It won’t be long now until we’re choosing our spring time favorites to polish for the end of May!