This week, the children evaluated the recycling program with Ms. Karen. They were so proud of the work that they put in, week after week, which resulted in a tremendous amount of material being recycled, and persuaded our administration to hire a recycling service! I don’t like to use the word “empower” much, because it is often overused, but the children were truly empowered through this program. They not only feel more physically powerful from hoisting heavy bags up and down stairs and into the recycling dumpster, but they truly feel like their work makes a difference and that they have influence in their community. A thousand thanks to all families who picked up recycling, and a million thanks to Ms. Karen for working with the children, week after week, to help them understand the process and feel their power!
In story time, we most recently read some of the King Arthur legends. After break, we will be heading south into the myths, legends and stories of the many cultures of Africa.
SPRING BREAK started and runs through April 1st. Have a wonderful Spring Break! We will look forward to starting the last two months of school on Monday, April 2.
The Annual Elementary Potluck and Parents vs. Kids Kickball Game is scheduled for Friday, May 11, so mark your calendars! We will be sending out details soon. It will be fun!
This week’s bit of Montessori-ish-ness is a beautiful little article reminding us – teachers and parents – that kids are kids and they develop according to their own timetable, not society’s. Teach Kids When They’re Ready (from Edutopia) explains that the educational establishment has been pushing academic expectations onto younger and younger children, and expecting young children to be able to be successful at academic tasks that they were not asked to do a decade or two ago – for no good reason. This leads parents (and teachers) to be unnecessarily stressed out when their children are not up to a task that they WILL be successful at, given time.