Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at The Glen Montessori School!

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jackie Herrmann and I serve as the Head of School at The Glen. I am an Elementary Montessorian turned Administrator. This is my tenth year at The Glen and my 22nd year as a Montessorian. I have a Bachelor’s in Music Education and a Master’s in Early Childhood Education. When I am not at The Glen I am out and about with my 14 year old twins, often at a basketball court or sled hockey rink. At my house we also have two cats, named Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket.


We have lots of excitement happening this year. Our gym renovation plan has kicked off and will be moving forward for the next couple years. You will also see some changes coming this year to our outdoor space. In the administrative team and in the classrooms we have introduced new software systems to improve communication. There is a great deal going on, but that is typical at our school. The Glen is a dynamic place.


Another initiative we are putting forward this year is in the area of parent education. Throughout the year you will see communication around seven essential components of the Montessori Method. The first is the prepared environment.  


Dr. Montessori believed that a child’s environment should adjust to their ever changing needs. In The Child in the Family she writes, “The man who does not live in an adaptive environment can neither develop his faculties normally nor learn to know himself.”


It is this principle we follow in our classrooms and in our school as a whole.