The importance of the Montessori Prepared Environment has been noted by educational researchers inside and outside of the Montessori community. In the conducted research there are lessons for us all. There are also a number of research studies, recently conducted, which do not name Montessori by name, but do extol the characteristics of a Montessori Prepared Environment.

Here are a few of my current favorites:

This is a great article about the difference in physical activity in Montessori early childhood settings and traditional settings.

This article discusses the decorations in a classroom and the effect they have on learning and attention. In our Montessori classrooms we strive to make the Montessori materials, the curriculum, the focus.

This one is a wonderful read about how group work can help children meet individual goals. Our classrooms are prepared with spaces for large group, small group and individual learning in mind.

We create learning spaces for children to spend three years with the same teaching team in the same classroom. This article discusses why children learn better when teachers know them well.