Board of Directors

The Glen Montessori School is a non-profit organization guided by a parent-led Board of Directors. The composition of the Board is designed to have representation from parents of our alumni and current student body, as well as to encourage participation from representatives from our local community.

Our present Board members are: President, Mark Marsalese, Vice President,¬†Steffi Frawley, Secretary, Angel Baney, Treasurer, Sandra Seymore, Kilichan Gurleyik, Jason D’Antonio, Emily Keebler, Kristin Hannibal and Jackie Herrmann:Ex-Officio/ Head of School. If you would like to contact our board members through e-mail, our e-mail address is: You will receive a response as soon as possible.

There is a standing invitation for interested individuals to submit their nomination for consideration at any time during the year. The Board considers new applications twice a year with new members starting in either January or June.

Currently, the Board offers 3 year terms. Terms are staggered and designed to ensure continuity of membership and also create opportunities for new members to serve on the Board. The Board can have between five and 15 voting members at any given time, and each year there are at least one or two positions that become available.

We encourage any and all persons who might be interested in serving on the Board to submit a Nomination Form. The most important quality for any potential Board member is a willingness to devote a small amount of time each month (5-10 hours) to the school. We especially encourage nomination forms from those parents who would like to volunteer but are unable to do so during normal school hours.

The Glen Montessori School has always prided itself on having a high percentage of parent involvement in its activities. Serving on the Board is just another means by which The Glen offers its parent community the opportunity to help evolve the institution that is nurturing their children