The Elementary curriculum at The Glen is notable for both its academic rigor and the breadth of content. The impressive achievements of the typical Montessori elementary student are made possible by the child’s free access to a range of stimulating Montessori materials, low student teacher ratios and a focus on cultivating independence. Our elementary program engages regularly in field trips and service projects around our community. Our upper elementary students run their own coffee business and use the proceeds to travel each spring to participate in the Montessori Model United Nations program in New York City.

Children's House


Our Children’s House is a specially designed, three year, individualized program where the developmental needs of children ages three to six can be met and nurtured. The curriculum includes work in math, language, science, geography, sensorial and practical life/ daily living. The goals of the program are to develop the child’s self-esteem, independence, order, to pave the road to literacy and cultivate a love of learning.  The Kindergarten year is the final year of our Children’s House program. During this year the children receive dedicated Kindergarten community time in the afternoons and publish their Kindergarten books, which are featured at our Young Authors’ Tea each April.

Birth to Three


The Birth to Three program provides a nurturing, educational environment for children ages eight weeks through three years old. Our program offers a curriculum that supports the development of independence and self-care skills while also delivering a continuity of care to encourage trusting relationships between children and their teachers.  Our Birth to Three program strives to enhance development in four major areas: movement, independence, language and self-regulation. This is presented to the children through Montessori materials in the prepared learning environment, as well as regular instruction in Physical Education, Art and Music.

After School Clubs

After school time at The Glen provides opportunities for enrichment for ages 3 and up. Clubs such as Happy Feet Soccer, Mad Science, Bricks 4 Kids, Discovery Club with Fern Hollow Nature Center, Children’s Table Cooking Club and Dance Grooves are just a few of the regular offerings.

International Summer Camp

International Summer Camp at The Glen Montessori School is an 11 week program highlighting a new country each week.

The students have the opportunity to learn a bit about the geography, customs, people, food, games and art of each nation.

Each week at summer camp concludes with an off campus field trip focusing on an aspect of the camp’s study.