The Application Process & Admissions Procedure

Thank you for your interest in applying for Admissions to The Glen Montessori School. Our Admissions process serves several important purposes. It allows you, as the Parent/Guardian, to become better acquainted with our mission, values, and practices. Likewise, it provides us with the opportunity to learn about your expectations and goals for your child’s education. It also gives families who are new to Montessori an excellent introduction to the philosophy and methods of a Montessori Education.  The following is our Admissions Procedure:


  • Tour- A tour gives you the opportunity to see our facility,ask questions about our program and our facility. Tours are scheduled by appointment through our Admissions Office. After touring, we recommend setting up a classroom observation. The classroom observation will allow you to gain insight into the Montessori Environment as well as assist you in your decision making.
  • Application- A completed application for Admissions and a non-refundable application fee of $75.00. Applications are accepted throughout the year; however, for optimum consideration for the upcoming school year,please submit your child’s application as soon as you have made your decision to join The Glen.
  • Student Interview-Upon receipt of your completed application, the Admissions Office will schedule an interview for your child. Children will be assessed primarily in the areas of academic skills, independence, concentration, language skills, physical development, and overall readiness for the program.
  • Transcript/Teacher Recommendation-If applicable, please provide any past and/or current academic records as well as recommendations from teachers your child has worked with previously. This information is necessary to make your child’s application complete.
  • Admission Decision- Families will be notified of student acceptance at the end of the admissions process or shortly thereafter. If accepted, the family will receive the necessary paper work to complete the enrollment process. An applicant is formally accepted after the Admissions Office receives a signed enrollment contract and fees. The enrollment fee is a non-refundable fee of $250.00 that must accompany the enrollment contract.

The Glen Montessori School has a policy of non-discrimination regarding race,color, gender, religion,national and/or ethnic origin in admissions of students and the employment of faculty and staff. 

The Glen Montessori School considers the records of all individual students to be confidential information available to a child’s parents or guardians upon request. Records will be released to other schools or agencies only upon signed request from a parent or guardian and only after all accounts due are up to date.