Music in the Springtime

First off, let me just say a huge thank you to everyone involved in Generations Day. Year over year, this program grows into something bigger and better than the year before. I'm truly amazed at the love and support our community has for the music program here at The...

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Generations Day Prep

Our preparations for Generations day are underway! After a long break off for our winter breaks, and a few weeks off for my honeymoon (yep, I'm officially MR. Nick now!) it's time to get to work for our biggest concert of the year. Each spring, the whole school...

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Winter Celebration Preparation is Underway!

Well folks, here we are in mid-November and every friend in the school is deep in Winter Celebration music! Year after year, though the Winter Celebrations are only for the Children's House classrooms, I feel so overjoyed with the song preparation and the spirit it...

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Private Music Lessons Begin

Hi Everyone! Week 3 of our new school year is here, and that means we resume private music lessons for the fall. Students of The Glen in the Children's House or Elementary programs are eligible to sign up for private music lessons with me during the school day. We...

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Children’s House Music Begins!

Welcome back from our first long weekend, everyone! Week 2 is an exciting time for me, as our Children's House class rooms begin their specials schedule. For the rest of the school year, I will see all groups once a week in my music room for some serious fun and...

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The Glen on Twitter!

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to pop by today to recommend that you all check out and follow The Glen on Twitter! In addition to teaching music here at the school, I'm also part of the team that manages our social media accounts. Twitter is just another way that you...

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Welcome Back to Music Class!

With a fun and beautiful summer full of picnics, vacations, and our school's 30th anniversary party behind us, it's time to head back to school. The best part about teaching at or attending The Glen is that  a return to school doesn't mean a departure from fun! I'm so...

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In-Class Performances

Many of our students here at The Glen sign up for private music lessons with me. We meet one on one, once a week for 30 minutes. Most of my students practice guitar or piano, though most instruments are available for study. Though many students study with me, many...

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Kindergarten Music

Welcome back to the Music Blog! Our Kindergarten groups are some of my absolute favorite groups to work with. Seeing the children transition and grow throughout their Children's House experiences is incredibly rewarding. Our Kindergarteners display some of the most...

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The Musical Alphabet!

Since September at The Glen was all about rhythm, October is all about melody! Students from Children's House through Upper Elementary are learning their solfege syllables with the Kodaly hand signs, and the musical alphabet, as well as how to write and read notes on...

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About Mr. Nick

Mr. Nick, a 2012 music education graduate from Indiana University of Pennsylvania has been with The Glen since the 2013 school year. Nick completed his Music Together training in 2015, and has been teaching the Music Curriculum portion of the Montessori Teacher Education Program in Columbus, OH since 2017.  Programs taught at The Glen include General Music, (for all groups: 0-3, Children’s House, Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary) as well as private instrument lessons to students ages 4 and up throughout the school day. 

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