Strategic Plan



Over the next three to five years, The Glen Montessori will focus on quality in five key areas.


In three to five years, establish a consistent financial formula to support the master plan.


Establish a comprehensive internal/ external communications plan that ensures information is shared effectively.


In three to five years, solidify the school’s reputation as being faithful to the Montessori Method and philosophy, striving for continued excellence in education.


Align our internal and external environment with the Montessori philosophy. Develop the building and grounds in such a way that fosters and advances the Montessori philosophy and appropriately and expeditiously prioritizes educational, safety, health, and accessibility needs of student, parents, and faculty and establishes The Glen Montessori’s identity in the community.

Organizational Development

Establish the most effective organizational structure to ensure the success of the school, while fostering a sense of community amongst all stakeholders.


While the key-area objectives address the vision of focusing on improving quality of existing operations, the organization cannot lose sight of planning for the future. The strategic planning committee identified five “forward thinking” objectives that, while not focused on immediate quality improvements, are critical to the future of the organization.

Committee have been formed for each area. The Glen needs volunteers for each committee to complete the action plans in each area.

If you are interested in joining a committee please contact the Board of Directors at