“We absolutely love The Glen! Our daughter started in the infant room when she was 10 months old; she’s now 2. Our daughter is thriving. She loves being involved whether it’s cleaning up after herself, helping to get her meals ready. The teachers really work with the kids to teach them to be respectful of others and their environment, self-confidence, and independence. All of the teachers have been so wonderful to work with. They truly are amazing at what they do and truly care for the kids! She loves The Glen and looks forward to going to school to see her friends and teachers,playing outside, music with Mr. Nick and so much more. The Glen is like a family.

-Mark and Jessica Stanko

“Our son is in his second year in the Children’s House program at The Glen and we couldn’t be happier. Under the guidence of his teachers and the faculty and staff at The Glen, he has made incredible progress in just a year and a half. He absolutely adores his teachers and looks forward to sharing his discoveries with them every day. It’s so rewarding watching him develop a love of learning and seeing him use his new skills.To see him looking so proud of himself when he accomplishes something new  is such a joy. We have had nothing but positive experiences at The Glen. The faculty and staff are all so caring and involved.  It brings a level of comfort we never expected to feel in a school. 

-Kristin and Mark Marsalese

“I know the Glen Montessori School gave me an impeccable education and foundation. As I have become older, I habitually see the benefits of my Montessori education. So much that I have worked in Montessori classrooms and plan on sending my children to a Montessori preschool. It is such an amazing way to learn.”

-Eileen O’Boyle, Alumni student who attended the very first classroom of The Glen in 1986, daughter of a founding mother of The Glen.