The Glen Montessori

Traditions and Events

Journey of Discovery

Come Visit The Glen! Follow a Montessori child’s journey through each program Birth-Three, Children’s House and Elementary. This is your chance to experience for yourself how students explore the classroom with freedom. You can request lessons, learn surprising connections between materials across programs and finally touch those beautiful bead chains! Montessori Education has so much to offer each student. We’ll talk about key principles and practices that lead to our students’ happiness and success: freedom of choice, following the child, the individualized curriculum and many more key features of the Montessori Classroom.

After The Journey, Parents can choose to visit their child’s class for orientation; meet the teachers, find out what your child can expect on the first day of school, what to bring, what not to bring, and ask questions. Get excited for the 2018 school year with us!

Reconnect Picnic

Meet up with us at Avonworth park!

Potluck lunch and lots of fun! Teachers, students, parents, alumni and board members all get together to reconnect before school starts

Parent Education Night

How do our youngest students choose work? Why does my child love metal insets so much? Why is the decimal system color coded? What is my child learning when she counts the 7 chain? Why do you teacher letter sounds before the letter names?
There is so much to learn about Montessori. Join us for answers to these questions and more!

Please RSVP.

Childcare provided. Register by 9/21.

Scholastic Book Fair

Browse the books together. We have so many books they stretch down hallways on the bottom and first floor hallways! The Bookfair is open all day. Kindergarten lunch and shop days and elementary lunch and shop days! 

Snowball Dance

Get ready, Get set – DANCE! See your school transformed into a winter wonderland. Complete with disco balls, lights, and yummy food AND a hot chocolate bar. We will dance the night away together as a whole happy school community. We have a professional photographer set up for family (and friend) photos and the cafeteria is set up for feasting. 

Winter Celebrations

Each Children’s House Classroom (ages 3-6) has a special Winter Celebration day. Parents and special friends are invited to join the classroom for songs, special activity and cookies made by the students.

Generations Day

A fun packed day for Grandparents and special guests in Children’s House and Elementary. Every visitor will spend some time in the classroom and then attend an absolutely adorable presentation in the gym.

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Our biggest fundraising event includes over 20 HUGE themed baskets and a Gift Card Tree Raffle. We also have an online auction!

And the Spaghetti is delicious!

Buy Tickets, Volunteer and see our Online Auction items.

Parent Education Week

Come in for a visit after school. Meet with teachers from your child’s program and explore specially prepared Montessori works. Learn about hands on materials students use to learn multiplication, how elementary students use tubes of beads for division and how Montessorians teach handwriting.

Puppets, Pizza and Pajamas

Stay afterschool with us for this FREE Glen community event! Wear your comfiest pajamas and come hungry because there will be lots of pizza! All ages are invited for a Mini Magic show followed by a Just for Fun Puppet show which includes jokes, dancing, music and a cast of fuzzy lovable puppets. RSVP and choose your pizza toppings!

Graduation and End of Year Celebration

It’s been a whole year of hard work and fun. All families are invited to the End of Year Celebration. Join us for the Kindergarten move up ceremony and Sixth Grade Graduation. There will be snacks, slide shows, songs, and plenty of Kleenex.