Birth to 3

Birth to 3

The Glen Montessori School offers the only Montessori Birth to Three (eight weeks to three years old) program in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  We offer a safe and nurturing environment that supports the development of independence and self-care. 

Children are in one classroom with the same set of caregivers for the three years of their time in the Birth to Three programs.  This continuity of care throughout the school day allows for Glen faculty to truly get to know the child and partner with parents on feeding, sitting-up to learning to walk, talk, and even toilet training. 

The Glen offers a curriculum that is grounded in Montessori philosophy and supports the development of movement, independence, language, and self-regulation  We also offer regular instruction in Physical Education, Art, and Music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer part-time care or just full-time care?
The Glen offers full-day Monday thru Friday option for infants and toddlers.
What do the children do during the day?
Each infant’s own eating and sleeping schedule is observed and respected. When the infants are not sleeping, they participate in activities that offer intellectual and sensory stimulation and build motor development. Children make individual work choices and teachers present lessons one-on-one or in small groups of children. In addition, children utilize our indoor large motor space and our beautiful outdoor play and garden space daily.
What is the adult-to-child ratio for Birth to Three?
A mixed classroom of different ages allows the children to spend each day in a family-like setting, creating the opportunity for younger students to learn from older students and toddlers to develop sensitivity to the needs of babies. Because of this, The Glen maintains an adult-to-child ratio of 1:4, meeting or exceeding Pennsylvania’s minimum standards.