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Thank you for your interest in applying to The Glen Montessori School. Our Admissions process allows you, as the Parent/Guardian, to become better acquainted with our mission, values, and practices. Likewise, it provides us with the opportunity to learn about your expectations and goals for your child’s education. It also gives families who are new to Montessori an excellent introduction to the philosophy and methods of a Montessori Education.

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The Glen Montessori School has a policy of non-discrimination regarding race, color, gender, religion, national and/or ethnic origin in admissions of students and the employment of faculty and staff. The Glen Montessori School considers the records of all individual students to be confidential information available to a child’s parents or guardians upon request. Records will be released to other schools or agencies only upon signed request from a parent or guardian and only after all accounts due are up to date.

Admissions Process & Procedure

To enroll at The Glen, first complete an application by clicking “Apply Now.” Create an account in FinalSite to save, track, and view your Admissions checklist.

A $75 fee is required to finalize an application. Please make checks payable to The Glen Montessori School – these can be sent via US Mail or dropped at the front office between 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

If there is a waitlist for the program, the order of admissions consideration is based on the date this fee is received.

We encourage you to Take a Virtual Tour of The Glen and learn more about Montessori education via the American Montessori Society videos above.

If you wish to view the facility in person, please email with your availability. We are not currently providing tours of the Birth-to-3 space outside our Open House events.

Request or produce any past (or current) academic records. There is an online recommendation form to email a current teacher, if applicable. Receipt of these items is necessary before any admissions decision.

Upon receipt of your completed application, the Admissions Office will schedule an interview for your child. Children will be assessed primarily in the areas of academic skills, independence, concentration, language skills, physical development, and overall readiness for the program.

Families will be notified of student acceptance shortly after completing the Application checklist. If accepted, the family will receive the necessary paperwork to complete enrollment. An applicant is formally enrolled only after the Admissions Office receives a signed enrollment contract and fees.

Ready to Start Your Application?

All applicants must first create an account in FinalSite. Creating a login will enable you to start and save your application for later, view your Admissions checklist, and track progress.

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