Elementary School

The Elementary curriculum at The Glen is notable for both its academic rigor and the breadth of content. The impressive achievements of the typical Montessori elementary student are made possible by the child’s access to a range of stimulating Montessori materials, low student-teacher ratios and a focus on cultivating independence. Our elementary program engages regularly in field trips and service projects around our community.

Upper Elementary students (4th-6th grades) annually participate in the Montessori Model United Nations Conference.  The class selects member country/ countries of the United Nations to research throughout the school year and represent at the international conference in the late winter/early spring.  Each student acts as a committee member representing their country’s concerns in a specific area, such as Food Insecurity, Disaster Preparedness, and Access to Education. 

To raise money for this trip, the students host Pizza Fridays and prepare World Culture Wednesday food packages for families to order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose The Glen for elementary school when I have a public-school option?
Parents choose to continue their child’s Montessori education into the Elementary program because of the individualized approach. Each child progresses at his or her own rate, allowing a child to be intellectually challenged and supported while continuing to be in a community of peers. The Montessori classroom is designed to challenge each student to succeed, regardless of their peers’ progress.
How do I know my child is mastering what they need to in order to move on for middle school?
The Glen provides four written reports to parents each school year and two in-person parent-teacher conferences (November and April). In addition, to provide students with the experience of testing and timed responses, The Glen does provide annual standardized testing beginning in the third grade. These results are provided to the school and shared with parents.
Do you provide before-school and after-school care for Glen students?
Yes, before care begins as early as 7:45 am and after care goes until 4:30 pm. See more about the activities the children engage in during this time in After School Programs.