The Glen’s goal is to maintain in-person instruction for as long as possible.


To help us achieve this goal, The Glen established a COVID-19 Committee made up of a team of experts in their fields  (medicine, pediatrics, epidemiology, and risk assessment).  Working together, this Committee, The Glen Administration, and Board of Directors created the School Reopening Health and Safety Plan following the guidelines established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  This document details how The Glen will operate in all three opening phases (yellow, green, and red; please note the red phase forces all licensed schools to close) as established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Additionally, this working group has established a number of policies and procedures to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus within The Glen school environment (see posts below).  All members of The Glen community have a shared responsibility to prevent the spread of COVID-19, help keep our school operating in-person and most importantly, keep our students and employees – and their families – safe. It is critical that all community members remain committed to the policies and procedures listed in this plan and any future communications.

Daily Parent Attestation Forms

Please complete one attestation form daily for your family (not individual child).  Use the form that aligns with your youngest Glen student: 

Birth to Three Summer Attestation Form

International Summer Camp Attestation Form

We appreciate your efforts to help us remain in-person instruction for as long as possible.