Four Square

The children had a BLAST playing four square in physical education class. Four square is an excellent physical activity to help develop hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. It also allows children to practice their bounce pass and catching skills. The children developed offensive and defensive strategies through this activity as well.

Sportsmanship was also a big idea of Four Square. The children acted as court “judges,” determining the fault that occurred in each match. The children employed honesty and fairness through their decision-making process.

Agility Training

Children develop speed and agility at a very young age. Agility training incorporates coordination, learning, focus, and balance. Agility training can also stimulate richer and stronger connections throughout multiple brain regions. During these stations, our friends enjoyed moving through the obstacles while also working on their physical fitness.


Children’s House classes are participating in a variety of physical activity stations. One of the most important activities they completed is balancing. The students practiced walking across the balance beam, balancing a bean bag on top of their head. This type of balancing activity is called “dynamic balance.” Dynamic balance is the ability to remain balanced while engaging in movement.

Upper Body Exercises

Upper Elementary is working on upper body strength this week. In this photo, the student is using the climbing peg board. This challenging activity benefits biceps, triceps, deltoids, shoulders, forearms, grip, and core muscles.

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