Abdominal Exercises

Lower and Upper Elementary have been focusing on physical fitness this month. In this station, the students are performing abdominal strength and core exercises. The student in this photo is using the AB Roller. This equipment targets core muscles and also deltoid and bicep strength. This exercise also requires balance.

Physical Fitness Stations

This month, upper and lower elementary are focusing on physical fitness. The students are able to participate in several stations to improve their overall physical fitness. The students are also introduced to different equipment, and are taught the proper and safe way to use it. In this photo, one our our friends is using a soft kettle bell. The activity she is completing is a kettle bell swing. This exercise not only works on upper body strength, but also the lower body. When the kettle bell swings down low, the students complete a squat.


During March “Madness,” the upper elementary classes participated in several basketball games and activities. The students practiced shooting, dribbling, passing, and offensive and defensive strategies. ┬áIn this photo, the students are playing “knock-out.” This game allows students to practice their shooting skills in a fast-paced activity. Instead of eliminating students in this game, if the student’s basketball is “knocked-out” they practice their shooting at the other hoop instead of sitting out. The students get plenty of opportunities to practice proper shooting form.

Basketball Skills

Children’s House has continued to practice their basketball skills this week. They worked on dribbling and passing skills. One of the most important ideas of passing is making sure the teammate is ready to catch the pass. The friends showed “all 10” and called out each other’s names to make sure they had their attention.

Basketball Skills

Children’s House classes have been working on basketball skills in physical education this month. This week, our friends have been learning about different types of passes. They practiced the bounce pass, the chest pass, and even the overhead pass.

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